Automatic Wood pellet feed

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The fully automated pellet feed
Room and building clearing, protected by European patent, with fully automated changeover unit and 2 suction wands.

Advantages offered by this unique system:

Optimum reliability due to 3 separate removal points (suction wands) in the storage room
The position of the storage room is independent of that of the heating room
Maintenance-free system
No moving parts and no electrical cables necessary in the storage room

Fully automated function checks:

“Rinsing” – If no pellets are being sucked in because of blockages, the changeover unit is rotated through 180° and the suction wand is thus “rinsed” – in other words, the feed and the return are swapped.
“Changeover” – If no pellets are delivered even after this cleaning, then switching to the next suction wand takes place and operation continues uninterrupted in any case.

Storage room position independent of the boiler room
The position of the pellet storage room is completely independent of the position of the boiler room or where the pellet boiler has been set up. In the vacuum extraction developed by WINDHAGER, the storage room is connected to the boiler by means of flexible plastic hoses, thereby allowing rooms or corridors to be bridged without difficulty.

The maximum transport distances or heights for the feed system are as follows (assuming a power supply of at least 230 V under load is available!):

25 m distance with 1.8 m height
15 m distance with 2.8 m height
< 10 m distance with 4.5 m height