Wood pellet storage

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Dry: Moisture causes wood pellets to swell up greatly, therefore care must be taken to ensure dryness.
Sealed and solid: Perimeter walls, floor and ceiling must correspond to the appropriate fire resistance classes.
No electrical installations: Electrical cables and fuse boxes are not allowed to be exposed. Any necessary electrical installations must be in explosion-protected versions.
No pipes carrying water: Condensation build-up and the risk of a pipe bursting can therefore be avoided.




You can select the ready-to-install solution for pellet storage. The pellet storage tank consists of galvanised sheet steel and is ideally suited to storing pellets, because all angles and distances have been adapted to the natural flow conditions of wood pellets.

It also guarantees 100% dry storage, and is therefore ideal when renovating old houses, e.g. if the basement walls are damp. The sheet steel tank can be mounted free-standing in any room.


Again the steel storage can be used or a prefabricated plastic tank.