DuoWIN – wood gasification/wood pellet boiler

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Efficient, Versatile, and Reliable


  • Up to 25% more efficient in pellets operation – energy optimised (EnergySaver)
  • Automatic, intelligent fuel changeover detects when the wood gasifier is in burnout



  • Small space requirements – 4.19 square meters smaller than other combination devices.
  • Individual pellet feed, either manual or fully automatic.
  • PowerBoost function for short term higher heat demands up to 56kW.


  • Wear-free, maintenance-free, and robust ignition elements that are included in the guarantee
  • Maximum security due to two fuels.
  • Two separate heat exchangers guarantee maximum security.
  • Pellet unit can be easily supplemented at a later time: Wood gasifier LogWIN Klassik is pellet ready

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