best wood pellet boiler in Ireland- see why!

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best pellet boiler in Ireland

best pellet boiler in Ireland

Best Wood  Pellet Boiler In Ireland

Look closely…why is this the best wood pellet boiler in Ireland


below are many points and some general information about the BioWIN2 – the best pellet boiler in Ireland,

Windhager have being manufacturing top quality wood pellet boilers since 1999 and this new generation has all the best technology combined with ease of installation and maintenance

Fits in every room, thanks to compact design – saves space like no other!

  • Easily assembled in boiler room, thanks to delivery in 2 parts.
  • Robust stainless steel burning with Low Dust technology burns pellets cleanly and efficiently
  • All servicing done from the front and the top.
  • possible to have flue connect at back or the top.
  • choice of 100kg or 200kg attached hopper
  • option of fully automatic pellet feed.
  • option of on-line app control – my comfort.
  • External air connection suitable for installation within air -tightness membrane.
  • Removable XXL ash box needs emptying only once per year, on average.
  • Service only every two years, or after 16 tonnes of pellets are used.
  • self-clean burner technology proven 50,000 times in homes across Europe!
  • This wood pellet boiler has the best vacuum system available in Ireland
  • very suitable for passive houses


The BioWIN 2 range are the smallest, highly efficient and durable biomass pellet boilers on the market and provides comfortable heating to all homes.

Requiring less than 1.5 metres of space, with minimum clearance included, the BioWIN 2 is the only pellet boiler that can fit into small, restricted areas and be installed flush to the wall requiring no service clearances to the rear, left or right of the appliance.

This state-of-the-art and extremely innovative pellet boiler provides homeowners with long- term, hassle-free and optimum efficiency levels of operation.

Fully equipped with a high quality stainless steel burner, LowDust technology and unique self- cleaning function, the BioWIN 2 ensures a cleaner environment, a cleaner burn and low maintenance required.

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below is some useful information regarding wood pellet boilers.


With all types of wood boiler, some ash is produced (usually less than 1% of fuel input). The ash pan needs to be emptied a few times a year, or less frequently, depending on model of boiler. Ash can be disposed of in the garden and is beneficial to plant growth.

Fuel / Storage

Pellets can be purchased in bagged or bulk form. For bulk purchases, a dry covered storage area is required. Generally bulk prices are more competitive than those for bags. Wood chips are generally sourced locally. It is important that the fuel used (quality, size, moisture content) is suitable for the appliance; your supplier will provide you with these details. For pellets, bulk delivery can be arranged to your home where the delivery truck uses a blower to deliver the fuel into your shed, storage room or outdoor silo. 2 tonnes of pellets will deliver the same amount of heat as 1000 litres of heating oil.

Operation and Efficiency

The latest wood boilers offer remote control and monitoring, accessible by mobile phone. It is important that there is adequate ventilation and that a clean air source is supplied to the boiler, as the combustion process uses oxygen (in the same way as any fuel fired appliance). For correct operation and maximum efficiency a hot water buffer store should be supplied with the system.

High efficiency makes economic sense
Wood boilers use the latest technology to control the amount of fuel and air released to the burner. Typical costs of boiler and installation range from €6,000 for 15kW home boiler. The lower cost of the fuel competes well with similar oil systems.

Operation and maintenance
Wood boilers operate just like a conventional central heating system and work in conjunction with radiators or under-floor heating. You can control the heating system and regulate the temperature from a panel control. Most reputable boiler suppliers offer service contracts to ensure an optimum operation and long life of the boiler. Many boilers have an automatic system alarm that is sent to a service engineer via SMS messaging on a mobile phone. Quality boiler suppliers report very low failure rates and most problems are solved within minutes, remotely without callout.

Your checklist for selecting a wood boiler

  • Efficiency of 90% or higher
  • CO2 Emissions less than 200 mg/m3
  • After sales service contract
  • Automatic cleaning
  • Good quality burn back protection

Planning for a wood boiler

  • Fuel Storage for 3-4 tonne of wood pellets per year (allow up to 50% more for wood chips due to lower energy density)
  • Pellet Storage space of 2 X 3m floor area & 2.25m height (for domestic 15kW boiler)
  • Boiler room size of 2m X 2m X 2.5m height
  • Select a trained professional installer & supplier

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