VarioWIN now with up to 8 suction probes

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World’s first 8-probe suction system for pellets

Windhager has its pneumatic pellet feed developed. Through the use of up to eight sampling probes, the mounting area of ​​slopes in conventional storage facilities is no longer needed. For the user this means less cost and installation costs, and about one-third more storage space than conventional systems.
With innovations that make the pellets heating for the operator as simple and economical as possible, the Salzburg heating specialist Windhager has made ​​a name internationally. Now the traditional Salzburg company sets new standards for pellet heating -. With a unique delivery system means the wood pellets can be stored in less space due to a storage space gain of a third and more.The pellets are thus particularly gently transported in an air stream. The main advantage of this type of transport is that the pellets can even over long distances  be transported safely. Height differences of up to six meters and distances up to 25 meters can thus be easily overcome. These can be any position on the ground, so that usually a full-scale use of storage space is possible without room slants. In addition, it saves the hassle and cost of installation of the sloping anglesThus, the pellet storage is emptied evenly. If desired, can divide the storage area into two zones. Another key advantage of the Windhager pellet feed is the high operational reliability, which is ensured by including the built-in “purge function”, a reversal of the airflow. The conveyor system is also completely maintenance free. The new 8-probes pellet transport system is offered exclusively by Windhager and has recently become available for all Windhager pellet boiler models. This provides Windhager pellet storage and transport systems for every need – from the practical one probes solution of 3-probe systems to innovative 8-suction probes.