Windhager adds world’s first 8 probe pellet-feed system

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Very flexible arrangement of the probes

The optimal pellet storage room
The fully automatic pellet feed
for the supply of pellets Windhager provides a fully automated, patented delivery system comprising a switching unit and up to eight sampling probes.





The advantages for you:

8 probes usually replace a possible sloping floor and thus prevent
a massive loss of storage space.
Unmatched safely through up to 8 outlets.
Position regardless of the storage room from the boiler room.
Completely maintenance-free system.
No moving parts and electrical lines in the storage room needed.
Control function, “flushing” and possibly “switch”.
If necessary, divide the pellets warehouse in 2 zones.

Proper sizing and design.
The volume of the storage room should be chosen so that the fuel can be stored for one year. This depends on the building, with the following rule of thumb, heating load in kW x Factor = 0.75 m3/kW storage room volume in m3 (including white space)


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