wood pellet boiler for low energy homes

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Wood Pellet Heating  Solution for the Smallest Heating Requirements –

The already succesful VarioWIN wood pellet boiler from Windhager is now available with a 45 litre balance tank and lower 1kw output to suit low energy demands and the new housing standards.

The new model is much better than the traditional option of heat pumps and buffer tanks which take up more space. As modern low-energy houses and passive houses increasingly only need low output boiler performance, the balance tank provides the highest energy efficiency even at the lowest heat consumption. The balance tank reduces the need for frequent cycling on and off of the boiler and enables the appliance to work at levels as low as 1kW, as well as reducing fuel consumption.

The new low output VarioWIN is extremely space efficient as it shares the same compact footprint as its VarioWIN big brother with just a slight increasing in height for the balance tank on top.

VarioWIN with the Balance Tank

New building construction methods and air tightness is resulting in  a  fall in heating load requirements. Modern low-energy houses and passive houses need no more than 4 kW boiler performance. However, at the same time, greater performance levels are needed / desirable for water heating. Such flexible water heating can only be offered by a conventional pellets boiler in combination with a large buffer tank. The disadvantages of this solution are increased space requirements and heat losses, higher investment costs, and the need for auxiliary electrical energy.


Sustainable Alternative to Heat Pumps

Windhager offers an alternative with a completely new heating concept. If required, a compact 45 litre balance tank is attached to the VarioWIN pellets boiler which was recently launched on the market.  The advantages of this system: flexible heating, from 0 to 12 kW, space-saving and value for money. VarioWIN with the balance tank provides the first sustainable alternative to electrically operated heat pumps.


Unique Operating Principles

The unique construction of the balance tank provides the highest energy efficiency, even at the lowest heat consumption: at medium and high performance levels the balance tank  remains inactive. Only when the boiler is working at very small, partial load levels, is the balance tank charged. The contained heat (45 l) plus that of the boiler (30 l) now suffices to handle the smallest demands from approx. 1 kW without requiring frequent switching on and off of the boiler. This, in turn, significantly reduces the number of boiler starts and reduces the electricity needed for ignition.


Reduced Initial and Operating Costs

Further significant advantages of this solution in comparison with conventional heating systems using buffer tanks are the costs savings because there is no cost pipe installation, controlling or auxiliary electrical power. This considerably reduces both the initial investment and operating costs. The low weight of 55 kg and the compact dimensions of the balance tank at 600 x 450 x 580 mm minimise installation costs and space requirements. VarioWIN with the balance tank has a footprint of only 0.44 m², and needs no more than 1900 mm ceiling height.

An additional bonus: Thanks to the special construction and compact design of the balance tank, standby losses are much smaller than for larger volume buffer tank solutions, whilst the system efficiency is increased. For the user this means optimal fuel utilisation and thereby even lower pellets consumption.


Works Anywhere

These new bonuses are in addition to the existing advantages of VarioWIN. These include e.g. a variety of boiler types and pellet feed systems, as well as the option for external supply of combustion air. VarioWIN can thereby be placed anywhere in the home. The pellet burner working on the drop firing principle provides the best combustion results, excellent safety, low ash production and long maintenance intervals. 94% efficiency, low emissions and a high level of comfort, with minimal operating noise are further advantages of this very modern heating solution.
This new model is just one of the 1kw to 78KW range of Windhager biomass wood pellet boilers highly regarded for being versatile, compact and having a variety of pellet feed systems to suit installation anywhere in the home. The pellet burner working on the drop-firing principle provides impressive combustion results, low ash production, long maintenance intervals and low emissions as well as minimal operating noise, making it the ideal solution for modern heating requirements.

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