BioWIN plus – the modern convenience of pellets (2.9 to 25.9 kW).

The NEW BioWIN plus generation is…



unbeatable in terms of comfort.

Fully automated cleaning of the heating surfaces and the burner bowl.
Fully automated ash removal from the combustion chamber and heating surfaces.
Small ash quantities and long intervals between maintenance.
Clearly laid out and easy-to-operate InfoWIN boiler 

operating unit.
Fully automated message indicating the next cleaning interval.. 


… unparalleled in terms of safety and economy.

high level of efficiency.
Low pellet consumption and consistently
Exemplary environmental friendliness.
Flexible adaptation to fluctuating fuel properties.

… extremely practical and flexible.

Particularly compact design.
Practical ash box integrated within the appliance.
Can be combined perfectly with other heat generators 

such as a solar thermal system. 



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