FireWIN – Stylish central heating with pellets (3.8 to 12 kW).

Experience warmth for well-being in all senses. The FireWIN puts comfort and quality of life at the centre of attention. Experience for yourself the many benefits of the FireWIN for your special heating pleasure!

Innovative cleaning mechanisms ensure extra-long intervals between maintenance of up to several months at a time.

Automated pellet supply
The necessary pellets are transported from the storage area into the reserve supply container fully automatically and cleanly.

Adjustable heat radiation
Two front doors provide mild radiated heat at the same time as the best exploitation of energy. During warmer months, a heat shield specially developed by Windhager can be inserted, reducing heat radiation to a minimum.

No boiler room is required
The hydraulic components required for a heating and a boiler circuit can be integrated in the device. This means the FireWIN no longer needs any boiler room.



Download FireWIN Brochure here