VarioWIN – Technology makes it possible! (1 to 12 kW)

VarioWIN – Technology makes it possible

Practical and flexible.

Practical, value-for-money complete solution: Wood pellet boiler + Feed system + Pellet store ALL IN ONE is possible.
Can be installed practically anywhere from the cellar to the attic.
Flexible heat consumption of 1–12 kW is possible with the balance tank.

Energy saving and efficient.

Modulates its heat generation to the actual demand.
Ensures efficient and clean combustion even in low output ranges.
Wood pellet combustion technology has proven itself many thousands of times over.
High-quality boiler ‘Made in Austria’.

Simple and convenient.

High operating convenience with integrated cleaning mechanisms.
Choice of two comfort levels.
Can be combined with other heat generators thanks to Windhager system technology. 

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