SolarWIN – Heat with a future.
To benefit the environment.
Installing a solar means that you are making an active contribution to a reduction in CO2 emissions that is so desperately necessary and help conserve increasingly scarce resources.

More security and independence.
You can always rely on solar energy. It is available in unlimited quantities and thus gives you a maximum amount of security of supply together with independence.

Independent of price and tax increases.
Independent of energy imports.
Independent of political crises.
Independent of shortages of raw materials.

Save heating costs.
With a solar unit you can draw a large proportion of the energy that you require for heating and hot water from the sky and thus markedly reduce your heating costs. The amount you save depends on the size and design of the system.

Advantages at a glance:

Maximum extraction of energy. Through the black surface and copper absorber with highly selective coating.
Long working life. Due to hardened, hail-proof, 4 mm thick solar glass with high radiation permeability.
Flexible options for use. The SolarWIN is available both for installation in the roof, on the roof, or as a freestanding unit.





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